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Does your home have a musty smell or is someone complaining about health issues they are dealing with? When a water leak has occurred in a home and does not get dried up in time mold will begin to grow. Some people can smell the "musty" odor that is produced by mold spores. Some will complain of a cough, sinus issues, body fatigue, breathing or other respitory concerns as runny nose or itchy eyes. All of our bodies react differently to mold, but over 25% have a hard time detoxing or keeping up at the rate that we're breathing in mold spores. It's our bodies telling us to fix the issue or get out of the toxic environment. Be grateful for the warning signs. 

The water leak could be last year or 20 years ago, when you've got high levels of mold spores it's time to have a professional look at it. Most of the public believe that pouring bleach on mold solves the problem. It won't. Many people believe when mold is dried out that the issue has been remediated. It has not. When the water leak is dried out mold spores go airborne searching for new areas inside a building to thrive again. In the meantime humans and animals begin to breath the mold and many complain that 1 in 4 of their household just doesn't feel 100%. 

Most of our jobs are treating a home that had a leak years ago. Sometimes a mold company has serviced the area, or the homeowner dried it up on their own. The musty smell comes, the health issues are like a rollercoaster ride and sometimes mold growth is visible, but not usually. If you've got high levels of mold it's time to take action.

The Pure Maintenance patented dry fog system will destroy all mold with no demolition. We use InstaPure and EverPure in a two step process to denature mold and prevent future growth. The most affordable way to kill mold and create a healthy home or business again is with Pure Maintenance dry fog technology. This a demolition-free way to create a healthy home again. We service the entire home to make sure we kill all mold from where it is growing or where it has gone.


We are the last mold company your family will ever call.

We guarantee the entire home.


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Please call us to discuss inspection and testing options. If you are needing mold tests we can come take a sample of the air and send it off to a 3rd party lab that will do the readings. The report will be sent to you in less than 3 business days. 

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